WFLA TV Florida w/ Jen & Buddy Foy Jr

Speaker 1:
A restaurant owner whose business is closed in New York because of the pandemic just opened a new restaurant in Manatee County. Tonight is the 12th night the Chateau Anna Maria at the Waterline hotel Has been open to customers. Buddy Foy, Jr. and his wife own the restaurant. The pair are known for their role in the Food Network’s Summer Rush series. While their New York location is closed, the Foys are excited to open up in the Sunshine State.

Buddy Foy, Jr.:
To be here, it’s energetic. People are using mask and following mandates, but they’re also going about their life and conducting business. And it’s feels pretty good.

Speaker 1:
At this point, 20 people work at the restaurant but the Foys are also hiring bartenders, waitresses, kitchen staff, and more. I think they’re called servers nowadays. They also hope to add five more locations in Florida.